Last Updated: Apr 27, 2015 03:36AM CEST Video Capture Tutorial - EZVid

When a screenshot simply won't suffice, a video is one of the best things to include with an issue report. EZVid is a free and easy to use program that will allow you to take a video of what is happening on your screen. It will even upload the video straight to youtube for you and give you the link for it! You can download ezvid at on their website.

Here's a quick walkthrough of how to use it!

Advanced Settings will let you choose a particular part of your screen to capture. This is useful for improving the detail of the video. The smaller the area of screen you are recording, the better definition it will have.

Just click on the "Select Capture Area" option to enable it and then tell it to start! It will minimize the ezvid window and wait for you to select an area of the screen to capture. Like selecting multiple files on your desktop. Really easy!

After that you will see a countdown appear on the screen. Once finished, you will be recording! Anything in that section of screen you selected will be recorded with ezvid. You will see controls in the bottom left of the screen that look like this

These controls do more or less what you would expect them to do. The pause button to the left pauses your recording. The stop button in the middle stops the recording and begins compiling. The draw tool lets you draw in your video like a paint program! It's Very basic, but it's plenty handy for pointing out where on the screen something important is happening.

Once you stop recording the video will compile together. Then you can use the button in the bottom right to upload your video to youtube.

You'll have to agree to some legal terms; read it over and agree. After that you'll need to log in to your youtube account. Then you're all set! ezvid will upload it for you and once it's done, it will hand you a link. Toss the link in your bug report post or ticket!

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