Last Updated: May 27, 2015 04:15AM CEST Player Reporting

Along your journey, you may encounter players who do not follow the rules. Common violations include "piloting" accounts, abusive language or harassment, use of third party software, and exploitation of game bugs and glitches.

In every case, there's a few things we request and some things we need to investigate any report:

1.     Remain calm - If a player is breaking any of the rules, breaking them to "prove a point" or "because everyone does it" is no excuse. All players must uphold the rules in the face of adversity.
2.     Document the case - This means all of the conversation, not just what somone did wrong.
3.     Ignore the infraction - Once documented, do not antagonize, "call-out", or replicate the behavior. Swearing in response, using a hack or cheat, or exploiting a commonly known bug does not solve the problem.

In every case of a ToS (Terms of Service) infraction, these three suggestions will help you report it and avoid action being taken against you.

Someone is piloting another player's account.

Piloting is definitely not encouraged and is against our Terms of Service. Piloting can be dangerous because an account has its purchase history under the "My R2" tab and many players decide to link their financial information, leaving their credit card open to unauthorized purchases.

Piloting can also result in unwanted deletion or changing of a character, per the "piloter". Personal quarrels can arise, which may result in them deleting the entire inventory, or completing an event that the owner is unaware of are common problems. This could mean that the "piloted" account isn't being handled in the manner the owner wishes.

As we don't actively seek account sharers, it is up to you to keep your information confidential. We may temporarily or permanently ban an account if we find conclusive evidence of sharing, but generally account piloters are not sought out. This will mean, however, that assistance will be minimal should the safety of an account be breached by sharing sensitive information.

I found someone who has more than 1 account

We generally encourage use of multiple characters as long as these alternate accounts are limited to legitimate gameplay. This means limiting the "alts" to a number that a player can play and enjoy legitimately. Ex.: players cannot have 10 accounts for the sole purpose of boosting a main account.

If a player is clearly abusing many accounts for the purpose of boosting their main, our response would be to ask the player to choose their main + 1 account to keep, and we will remove the rest. Players who do not abuse alts will generally be left alone, but if you are found to be severely violating these guidelines you will be restricted to a pair of accounts.

Someone was swearing at me and being really mean.

Language and conduct are one of the trickiest inquiries for us to deal with. We cannot ban people for every infraction, and people have the right to conduct themselves in the manner in which they choose. This means that our rulings must be based on ToS infractions and our reaction must be appropriate for the crime. 

We cannot prevent people from being "rude", "demeaning", or competitive. Some players will choose to talk trash, so where do we draw the line? Generally, we consider an abuse/language issue serious if it is:

-Racist, sexist, or bigoted towards any one demographic
-Divulging of your personal contact or financial information
-Excessive use of highly offensive swear words.  We generally ignore "crap", "shit", "stupid", "noob", or the like.
-Real life threats
-Asking for your account information
-Advertising third party websites

Our reaction will be based on the severity and frequency of the issue. We lean towards not banning players for language infractions, but prefer warnings and mutes. In severe cases we may implement bans.

What is not harassment

When reporting players, we cannot pass judgement based on someone's choice. Are they asking all players on the server to attack you? Are they being generally rude in their speech, but not vulgar? Is the player following you around the map? Do they send you PMs telling you that you are bad?

However unsettling this type of behavior is, we can't stop people from making choices within the bounds of our Terms of Service. The best way to deal with someone who is "playing by the rules", but is still unsettling, would be to put them on block/ignore and cease responding to any of their communications. We cannot ban someone for being unlikable, so we suggest alternate methods to avoid this kind of harassment.

Someone gave me/said they used a program to get things from the game.

Third party programs are one of the easiest rulings for us to make: no third party software or application is allowed. These are, however, some of the more difficult cases to prove. Along with the standard information, we need concrete evidence that a player was using a third party program. We need a description of this program and (if possible) a link to the program or video describing this software.

After we have the basic information and a way for us to understand this application, we'll look into potential infractions and make a ruling. Using a third party program immediately warrants a temporary ban, and in many cases a permanent ban.

I found a bug in the game.  What is going to happen to me?

If you found a bug and reported it, that's great!! Seeing as you just helped us find and fix an issue with one of our games, you will be showered with affection and the entirety of our playerbase will be in your debt! We encourage players to report bugs, along with the essential information, so we can fix it. Reporting a bug will not result in action taken against your account, and in some few, lucky cases may warrant a show of thanks in the form of a gift.

If there is evidence that a bug was used and exploited without reporting, severe consequences may befall your account.  Any errors in-game should be reported immediately and should not be used to gain an unfair advantage. Our reaction will also take into account the severity of the bug being exploited and how much of our playerbase is using this game bug.

I reported someone to you but nothing happened

Our legal right allows us to permanently ban players for all of the common problems mentioned above. In most cases we will opt not to permanently ban a player, and in half of cases we only issue a warning. Removing players usually does more harm to the health of our games, so we actively seek alternate solutions to resolve an issue.

We have a strict policy of not divulging details of a case or a ruling on a case. We respect our players' privacy, even those that break the rules, and we take this very seriously. Whether we simply issue a warning, permanent ban, mute, or a temporary ban, we rule appropriate for the infraction and keep the outcome private. This is to prevent public slander, further harassment, and targeting in-game.

When inquiring about one of your reports, we will only obtain details of a case and ask for clarification. The outcome of a report is between R2 Games and the subject of the report, and we greatly appreciate the trust that we will react in an appropriate manner.

What if someone reports me just because they want to get me in trouble?

If a player abides by our Terms of Service, no amount of reporting will result in action taken. We take every report seriously and investigate fully in order to make a ruling. If you have not violated our Terms of Service, then a report against you will result in closing and no action.

Some players will find any excuse to report someone, even if the subject of the report was obtained through legitimate means. This is another reason we do not divulge the outcome of our investigations: many times recharging or stock-piling resources can look like cheating to an untrained eye. We assure all of our players that equal care is given to the reporter of an issue and the person being reported.

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