Last Updated: Apr 23, 2015 11:06AM CEST Screenshot Tutorial - Greenshot

Screenshots are very important to assist us in solving many different issues.  A simple "Print Screen" and paste into paint will work, but this does not allow for privacy.  A good screenshot program can be found at

This program is simple, effective, and gives you a variety of saving and storing options.  After download and installation, you can choose to launch GreenShot.  The program will open in your tray and if you click on the icon, you will get this menu:

If you choose Preferences, you can change the bindings of each screen capture.  It is generally considered a good idea to bind 2-3 keys for each process so you won't accidentally capture a screenshot.  "Capture Region" is the basic capture function when getting a screenshot, so this should be your main binding.

Saving your preferred output method is quite important.  You must choose a common output method, such as .PNG or .JPG.  Your preferences should already be configured to save as a .JPEG file.  If not, go back into your preferences, click "output" and change it to a .JPG file.

After you have set your bindings and preferred saving output, you can start taking screenshots.  Press your assigned "Screen Capture Hotkey" and you will be given a target and can draw an accurate box of what you are trying to capture.

Once you de-select your mouse after dragging to the appropriate size, you will be prompted with a save menu where you can choose options.

Saving to any of the Microsoft programs is quite obvious while the "Save As..." and "Save Directly" are used to save the screenshot as a normal file.  "Save Directly" is the go-to when saving pictures.

"Copy to clipboard" makes the screenshot available to paste (CTRL + V) into programs or appliations which allows the display of images.  When uploading for a screenshot for a ticket, "Save Directly" and attaching it in the correspondence is the best method.

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