Last Updated: Apr 28, 2015 04:10AM CEST What is VIP and how can I sign up?

What is VIP?

VIP is away to provide players with a "bang for your buck" option.  This allows players to pay a small fee, whether directly on our website or in-game for some games, to gain many benefits.  Many of these benefits include little-to-no cooldowns, weekly or daily bonus gifts, and a lot of perks that make gameplay smoother.

How to sign up for a VIP subscription

There are two major ways to obtain VIP: through individual payments or a recurring VIP subscription.  If your game does not have a way to get VIP in-game, you'll have to visit the "store" and click on VIP"


Once there, you can select your game, server, and character for your VIP subscription.  If you wish to purchase VIP month-by month, avoiding a month recurring payment, select the method at the bottom stating "Want to be VIP for only one month?"

Interruption in VIP subscriptions

If your VIP subscription was suspended, first please check if you have a sufficient balance on your credit card to cover the monthly VIP charge. If you have a sufficient balance but your VIP was still suspended, it is possible there was a delay in processing the payment. We normally suggest waiting 24 hours to receive this, as sometimes payment methods are delayed. If all else fails, feel free to submit a ticket and our support staff will be happy to help you any way they can.

How to Cancel your subscription

1.       At the top of the page click on “MY R2

2.       You will be redirected to a page showing your full profile with R2Games.  Click on “VIP STATE” and you will be shown all the active VIP SUBSCRIPTIONS that you currently have on your account.  Click on “CANCEL” beside the VIP SUBSCRIPTION that you would like to remove.

3.       Once completed you will see at the top of the page a message stating “Cancelled Successfully.”


*VIP subscription cancellation is only for recurring VIP renewals and not single VIP purchases.  Once you have cancelled your subscription it will end at the end of your current billing cycle
**VIP subscriptions can be cancelled if a request has been submitted no less than 15 days after the start of that cycle.  We will cancel and refund this VIP payment, less potential fees.

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